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Q. How do I transfer / migrate my Joomla site from my old Host (or PC) to another Host ?


A. Use Akeeba to back up your site and restore it with Kickstart as per the following instructions .



If your Host's Control Panel has a provision for installing Joomla

Use that to install Joomla on your site and then overwrite the folders/files and database tables with kickstart. That should give Joomla ownership.

Then make a note of the database details that are in the configuration.php file and delete all the folders/files from the server. 

If not then create a database and database user.


  1. Use Akeeba to backup your site
  2. Set it to save the site in .jpa format
  3. Download kickstart and unzip on your PC
  4. Upload the .jpa file and kickstart.php.
  5. Point your browser at

When you restore with kickstart



Additional information :

If you have problems with permissions after installing your backup then read Ownerships and Permissions.



Additional information :