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This is a test page to test SERPS, the intention is to see if the term Free Tarot can get the page to #1 in the search engines.  It is not actually giving away free Tarot readings.  There are many Tarot packs but the A.E.Waite pack are probably the most popular.

The pack is illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith and there is a book that accompanies the deck. The thing to remember about the Tarot is that they may not give you the answer to the problem that ask about.  All to often they will give you the answer to a problem that you never new existed.


There are many sites offering free Tarot readings but are they realy free ?  A lot of phonel ines now have Tarot readings but are not free Tarot.  Are Tarot readings as popular now as they once were ?  Perhaps that's why there are many free Tarot offered.


Are the Tarot a Blessing or a curse ?  Many consider them to be The Blessing while others consider them a curse.  How do they work ?  There are several theories and various accusations of Cold Reading.  Others say that the Placibo effect is used and that people hear what they want to hear.  Regarless of the critics there remains an enigma about the Tarot that as yet has not been discovered.