Joomla Roadmap

According to the Joomla Roadmap many of its core features are to be removed.  What impact will this have on the usefulness of the Joomla CMS ?  There are many 3rd party extensions that provide the functions that the core will be missing but it appears that more and more of those extensions are becoming paid versions.  Will the 'Dumming down' of Joomla core features and the increase of commercial 3rd party extensions make Joomla less attractive to the average user ?

Elxis is a Free Open Source Content Management System (CMS) has been around since 2006 and its popularity is increasing.  It includes many core features that Joomla has as well as features that are not included in Joomla core.  This could prove to be a good alternative cms to Joomla.  Installation is smooth and the community is building.


There are other CMS's that may prove to be a suitable like Xoops but its installation is more complicated and it relies heavily on 3rd party extensions because it lacks core features.  Joomla's usability looks to be heading downhill so we are looking for suitable alternatives.  Another option is Wordpress, however some users have reservations about the security of Wordpress.  Also there seems to be no equivalent of JCE editor for Wordpress and that makes for a poor editing experience.

But the big question how many others are also looking for (or found) an alternative to Joomla ?  And is #Elxis the solution ?