Q. How do I register a Domain name and Host it ?


A. There are two basic ways to register a Domain Name :

  1. Through an individual or company who will register the Domain name through a Registrar.
  2. Directly through a Registrar.

With the former option some individuals and companies name themselves as the Registrant. This means that, in order for you to publish a Website to a Domain Name that you asked them to register, you must pay them to do it.

However, the latter option usually allows you to name yourself as the Registrant of the Domain Name. This is often the less exspensive and easyest option.


Choosing your Web Space

There are many companies who provide free Web space and many Registrars, who can host your Domain name on their Servers. The disadvantage of free Web Space is that many Website functions are disallowed. And one of the main advantages of a paid Hosting server is that they allow you to register a Domain name free of charge.

The cost of Web Space varies from company to company and also on the amount of Website functions that are enabled. When purchasing Web Space it is usually cheaper and less expensive to purchase it from the company who registered your Domain Name for you.